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Bitzer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Create a Helpdesk ticket?

  • Click on the ‘Bitzer Helpdesk’ shortcut on your desktop or go to
  • Click ‘Submit Helpdesk Ticket’ and fill out the required fields.

General Best Practices

Should I turn my computer off when I leave?

  • Please leave your computer powered on every night. We do most of our maintenance, updates and backups after hours, so your system is ready for you in the morning. To do this your computer needs to be on. However, it is very important that you do log off when you leave, to ensure that all of your work has been saved, that Macola has been exited and to allow us access to your system.
  • Computers are set to automatically lock after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What if I forget, or need to reset my password(s)?

  • Contact the Helpdesk to reset your passwords pertaining to Windows, Hosted Exchange email or Cisco VPN. We will reset to a default\common password that you can then change to desired
  • The following password complexity rules will need to be followed:
  • Password length must be a minimum of 6 characters (max. 50). Requires two of the four character sets – numeric, special character, uppercase and lowercase (e.g. Password1!)
  • Allowed Special Characters: @!#$*/`?_^&*() -~+:<,>.’=;[]{}
  • Passwords will expire after 180 days(6 months)After this you will be required to change your password. Last (2) passwords cannot be used again
  • Clearlink does not have the ability to reset Macola and/or other site passwords (e.g. UPS, FedEx, BitzerUS company website)

What if I need to login to a different computer? Do I have access to my files?

  • Please submit a Helpdesk ticket as this will need to be setup for you to ensure proper access


What version of Microsoft Outlook should I be using for email?

  • All PC users should be using Outlook 2010. If you have a different version, please contact the Helpdesk for an update
  • All Mac users should be using Outlook 2011 for Mac

Does my email get backed up?

  • Bitzer utilizes a Hosted Exchange Server. All emails are automatically backed up for your protection.

How big is my mailbox?

  • All users have a 5GB mailbox.

Are my emails being archived?

  • Yes, your emails are archived automatically every 6 months, by policy.

For more information on auto archiving please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email

How big can my email attachments be?

  • Attachments are limited to a total of 20MB per email
  • For larger attachments please submit a Helpdesk Ticket so that we can help to find the best method for your communications

For more information on email message attachments please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email

Sometimes an email I send gets sent back (bounced). What should I do?

  • Check email address for accuracy
  • If needed, forward bounced email to

Is it best practice to use multiple folders and rules to manage my emails?

  • No. Best practice is to utilize search and sort filters in Outlook

For more info on Outlook Search please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email

Are my emails accessible by anyone else in the company?

  • See company policy regarding appropriate email usage

Can I send a fax through my email account in Outlook?

  • Yes, please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS Using E-Fax

Do we have shared calendars in Outlook?

Can I reserve BitzerUS conference room time on a Shared Calendar?

  • Yes, please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email\BUS_Outlook_Shared_Calendar

How do I set up my smartphone to get company email?

How do I set up add-in for Esynergy to my Outlook Client?

Please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email\Esynergy_Addin_Instructions.docx

Antivirus and Spam

Does the Antivirus scan all our emails? Do I need to be cautious with suspicious emails?

  • Yes, all emails are scanned in your inbox by your antivirus client. Still, you should always be cautious when opening suspicious emails. If you have doubts about an email you have received then please submit a Helpdesk ticket and do not open until we have inspected it.

I’m getting a lot of spam. How do you control that?

  • Outlook provides a Junk Mail Filter/Folder
  • Your Hosted Exchange provides additional MX Logic spam filtering

For more info on available spam filtering options please see G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_Hosted_Exchange_Email

Internet Usage

Can we stream music? Is the Internet traffic monitored? What about during our lunch? Can I check on X, Y Z (kid’s daycare site, etc.) ? Can I check my bank account?

  • Please see your department manager for the answers to your Internet Usage questions

 How do I set up and use VPN?

PC Mac

What do I do if I have a problem with Macola?

  • See Paul Conlon

So we have a new server, what does that mean? Is everything still where it used to be?

  • See detailed information on G Drive

If I want to be sure something is being backed up where do I save it?

  • All Bitzer company data should be saved to the G drive

Does Bitzer use Skype?

  • Yes. All users are responsible for setting up their own Skype accounts
  • If you require assistance, please submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Phone Keysets

How do I access an outside line?

  • Press 8

How do I forward my calls?

  • Outside/inside- G: Drive

How do I setup or change my voicemail?

How do I access my voicemail when out of the office

How do I dial another extension?

Can I get my buttons remapped?

  • See your department manager for approval.

Can I get a headset?

  • See your department manager for approval.

Answers to these questions and many others can be found at G:\InformationTechnology\BitzerUS_Computer_Users\BUS_BCM50_Phone_System