Everyone hates to see loading screens and swirly animated .gifs—sure signs of a slow connection.

However, if you’re experiencing slow internet speeds and network delays in your office, it might not be your connection to the internet; it might be your network hardware. Fortunately, hardware developers have made significant breakthroughs since wi-fi was first introduced in 1999. One of the manufacturers leading this charge is Meraki, a former Silicon Valley startup and current division of Cisco. Meraki’s wireless access points are able to achieve network speeds up to three times faster than traditional hardware.

In addition to faster access to the internet, newer access points improve communication between devices on your network. This means faster network printing and file transfers.

So what’s so special about Meraki access points? Without getting too technical, these newer access points have more antennas and use more of the available radio frequency to transmit data. Additionally, Meraki has introduced a number of security features designed to keep your network, its devices, and its data secure. To read more check out the Meraki blog at Cisco.com.